Saturday, October 15, 2011

Everybody get in line!

One of the elements of design is line. Line can express shapes, movement, and draw the eye into the layout. First, let's look at the line sketches. In the first, the proximity of the lines cause the eye to fill in the missing pieces and make the inner and outer circle appear complete. In the lotus sketch, lines of slightly varying width, give boldness and strength to the lotus. The diagonal lines against the horzintal lines in the third sketch give a feeling of depth to the image. The lines in the cherry bloom provide texture to the cherry blossom branch. The varying width in the final sketch implies motion.

In the "bounce" layout, line is implied by the placement of the letters and buttons. This is mirrored in the placement of the paper strips.

Are you ready to try it on a LO? The sketch below uses 3x3 photos to create horizontal and vertical lines, the papers behind provide additional line of different weight. The strips on the top and bottom of the layout repeat the line, and create an implied line vertically down the center of the page. The title and journaling mirror the papers. To switch up the LO, try a wave in the middle and top, placing the pictures in a wave pattern.

Full disclosure, I drew the sketch, but this LO style is very common, so there are many interpretations out there.

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